Adult Classes

For the Winter 2019 semester, classes go from January 8 through March 19. The school is offering classes at these levels:

  1. Beginner 1 (taught by Dirk Rotzal in the library)

  2. Beginner 3 (taught by Doro Buchlinski in room 3)

  3. Intermediate 3 (taught by Petar Peltekov in room 12)

  4. Intermediate 4 (taught by Dagmar Blaettermann in room 9)

  5. Intermediate 6 (taught by Mahsa Moazzami in room 5)

  6. Advanced (taught by Saskia Schaelicke in the staff room)

Beginner and Intermediate use Ja Genau A1 Band 1 and Band 2.

Cost is $170 for 20 hours of instruction. The Beginner 1 book costs $25, Beginner 3 though Intermediate 6 is $30, and Advanced is $35.

For the winter semester, the registration deadline is January 1, 2019 (although late registrations are accepted).

Steps to register:

  • Email the completed registration form to the adult classes administrator.

  • Make payment through electronic transfer, to secure your spot (please do not send the registration form without the e-transfer).

  • Add the email address to your contacts, so replies do not end up in your spam folder.

The registration form is available in multiple formats, and can be downloaded by clicking on one of the links: