Adult Classes

For the Fall 2018 semester, classes go from September 18 through November 27. The school is offering classes at these levels:

  1. Beginner 1 (taught by Melanie Kaser in the library)

  2. Beginner 2 (taught by Doro Buchlinski in room 6)

  3. Intermediate 1 (taught by Petar Peltekov in room 4)

  4. Intermediate 3 (taught by Dagmar Blaettermann in room 3)

  5. Intermediate 5 (taught by Mahsa Moazzami in room 5)

  6. Advanced (taught by Saskia Schaelicke in the staff room)

(Intermediate 2 and 4 will be offered in later semesters for those who have finished 1 and 3).

Beginner and Intermediate use Ja Genau A1 Band 1 and Band 2.

For the fall semester, the registration deadline is September 5, 2018 (although late registrations are accepted).

Steps to register:

  • Email the completed registration form to the school administrator.

  • Add the email address to your contacts, so replies do not end up in your spam folder.

  • Make payment through electronic transfer, to secure your spot.

The registration form is available in multiple formats, and can be downloaded by clicking on one of the links: