Purdy’s Fundraiser

We're fundraising with Purdy's Chocolate!

Place orders by Wednesday November 28.

Pick up orders on Saturday December 8, from 9:30-10:00am, at Bowcroft School (Calgary). Unfortunately, orders cannot be delivered to your home and must be picked up at the school that morning.

Register an account by visiting https://fundraising.purdys.com/

Register as a Supporter, and enter 41051 as the customer number. Our goal is to raise $1500 for the school ($6000 in sales).

Thanks for helping us continue to deliver German language education in Calgary! 

Bowness Bottle Depot

Drop off your bottles and other refundable containers at the Bowness Bottle Depot, located only a few blocks away from the school!

Once your refundable containers have been counted, you can inform the cashier that you would like to donate the amount to the German Saturday School at Bowcroft or the German Language School Society of Calgary (either name works).